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Sunday School Begins

Sunday School is held at 9:50am between the services on Sunday mornings.

PreSchool-5th Grade Sunday School

We have a brand new curriculum this year called “Bible Studies for Life” which focuses on teaching the stories of the Bible. We want all our children know the primary Biblical stories and understand their meaning. This year we will teach stories primarily from the Old Testament and next year we’ll teach stories from the New Testament. This curriculum is also vertically aligned, meaning that each of the grades will be learning the same Bible story each week, but taught at different levels. You’ll be able to see what is being taught each week in the bulletin and can follow up on the drive home to keep the conversation going! 

Jr. High and Sr. High Sunday School

We have a new curriculum for the Jr. and Sr. High Sunday School called “Explore the Bible,” which will take the kids into a deeper understanding of God’s word through the study of Galatians, James, Genesis, Mark, Timothy and Titus. Both Jr. High and Sr. High classes will study the same books but in ways that are unique to those grade levels. 


Adult Sunday School

We have 4 choices of Sunday School classes for adults to attend.

Parish Hall Class - The Anglican Quadrilateral

Leader: Fr. John Jordan
Location: Parish Hall
“The Anglican Quadrilateral” will discuss the 4 essential elements of Christianity as viewed by Anglicans: The Bible, The Creeds, The Sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist, and the Office of the Bishop. Through the fall, Fr. Jordan will lead us through these topics ending with a thorough discussion of the Office of the Bishop, particularly relevant now as Bishop Iker has announced his retirement and the search for a new Bishop begins. 

Adult Interactive Class - The Promised Land

Leader: Rodney Matheny
Location: Music Building, Right Side
This video and discussion class begins the year with Ray Vander Laan’s series “The Promised Land,” which illustrates how God guided his people to a specific place – the Promised Land – to impact the world both in ancient times and today. Filmed on location in Israel, this unique video series brings God's Word to life by weaving together historical, cultural, religious, and geographical contexts.

Ladies Bible Study - He Chose the Nails

Leader: Lisa Lapiska
Location: Last Classroom on the Left in the Parish Hall
This video, discussion and workbook class is studying Max Lucado’s, “He Chose the Nails,” which focuses on the "gifts" of the cross, including the soldiers' spit, the crown of thorns, the nails, the wine-soaked sponge, the burial garments and Pilate's sign identifying Jesus as the King of the Jews. Each of these tragic objects teaches Christians something about the nature of God.

St. Laurence 101

Leader: Cherie Bennett
Location: Church
A brief 3-week introduction to the Anglican tradition in general and the St. Laurence Parish in particular. For all those new or not so new or anyone wanting to know more about St. Laurence and what we’re all about. This class will cover why we worship the way we do, the history and elements of our liturgy and mass, and a tour of the Church. 

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